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3. Mobile No: Fill the valid mobile number, because it’s require for OTP.

4. Types of Business : Select your business types.

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What is Fssai license?

FSSAI is the power to offer a food permit or license to each food industry or business as a food retailer, manufacture, and any food-related business operator in India. FSSAI makes sure the food company runs together with the proper license and also a quality check. The food companies expected to stick to the FSSAI guidelines and rules. FSSAI is entirely responsible for establishing the principles and standards and controls for the wellbeing of food companies in India.

Is Fssai mandatory?

If beginning any food business, FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration is compulsory. FSSAI Registration required for all food-related companies such as manufacturers, traders, restaurants, small eateries, grocery stores, importers, exporters, domestic food companies, dairy farms, processors, retailers, e-tailers. Any involved in the food industry must get a 14-digit registration Number or a Food license number. This registration number printed on food packages or displayed on-premises.

How can I get Fssai Licence?

  • Visit Easyfssailicense website.
  • Fill the online registration form.
  • Upload the require documents through our website.
  • Documents will verify our expert and contact you within two days.
  • Get Registration Number in 7 working day through your email.

How much does it cost to get Fssai license?

FSSAI registration fee structure stands for two variation, Government fees and Expert fees. Government fees charges as per Government expenses for application and expert fees charges as per set up your application. Bellow fees structure mention Government fees per year basis.

  • Petty Food Business Operators (Manufactures or sells any kind of food by himself/herself, Petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor, temporary stall, Thela, Sweets Shop, Juice Stall etc.) – Annual trunover up to 12 lakhRs. 100/- 
  • Dairy Units including Milk Chilling Units –   Rs. 100/-   Rs. 7500/- (According production capacity)
  • Vegetable Oil Processing Units – Rs. 100/- Rs. 7500/- (According turnover and production capacity)
  • Slaughtering House (Slaughtering means a process of transporting, stunning, butchering, dressing, processing, storing & distribution of live animals/poultry birds.) – Rs. 100/- – 7500/- (According animals quantity)
  • Meat Processing – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/- (According Quantity of meat)
  • All Food Manufacturing/ Processing units other than Dairy Units, Vegetable Oil, Meat Processing and Slaughtering Houses – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/- (According capacity)
  • Proprietary Food – Rs. 7500/- (No restriction production capacity)
  • Novel Food – Rs. 7500/- (No restriction production capacity)
  • Storage – Cold/Refrigerated – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/- (According capacity)
  • Storage – Atmospheric Controlled + Cold (Controlled Atmosphere storage is an activity where food products in packed or unpacked condition is stored for further distribution in controlled atmosphere storage facilities. ) – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/- (According storage capacity)
  • Storage Without Atmospheric Controlled + Cold – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/- (According turnover and capacity)
  • Transporter – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/-
  • Wholesaler – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/-
  • Distributor – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/-
  • Supplier, Retailer , Marketer, Hotel, Restaurant and Bars, Club/Canteen, Food Vending Agencies – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 7500/-
  • Dhaba ,Boarding houses serving food,Banquet halls with food catering arrangements,Home Based Canteens/ Dabba Wallas, Permanent/ Temporary stall HolderFood stalls/ Arrangements in religious gatherings/ fairs etc – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 2000/-
  • Importers – Rs. 7500/-
  • Food Business Activities at premises of Central Govt Agencies – Rs. 7500/-
  • Departmental Canteens at the premises of Central Govt. Institutions – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 2000/-
  • Food Business Activities at premises of Airport/Seaport such as Storage, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail etc – Rs. 7500/-
  • Mid day Meal Caterer – Rs. 2000/- – Rs. 7500/-
  • Mid Day Meal Canteen – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 2000/-
  • Exporter – Rs. 7500/-
  • Caterers/Restaurants/Canteens/Hawkers/Petty Retailers at the premises of Railway Stations or under the control of Indian Railways – Rs. 100/- – Rs. 2000/-
  • E-Commerce – Rs. 7500/-
  • Food Business Operators having food business activities in two or more States/UTs have to declare one Head Office/Registered Office – Rs. 7500/-

How many days it will take to get Fssai license?

There are three types of the license provided FSSAI according to capacity and turn over. The required time mention bellow:

  • Basic FSSAI License – 7 days
  • State License – 30 days.
  • Central License – 30 days.

How many types FSSAI License or Registration

FSSAI license varies for capacity and turnover. There are three types of permits.

  1. Basic FSSAI Registration: If your food business yearly turnover up to 12 lakhs, then basic fssai license requires.
  2. State FSSAI License : If your food business yearly turnover of more than 12 lakhs and up to 20 crores, then State fssai license requires.
  3. Central FSSAI License : If your food business yearly turnover of more than 20 crores, then Central fssai license requires.

What documents required for Fssai registration?

Bellow mention documents require for FSSAI License:

1. Passport Photograph

2. ID Proof e.g. AADHAAR, Voter ID, PAN, etc.

3. Proof of possession of premises (if different as mentioned in ID Proof)

4. Declaration form

5. NOC Certificate by Municipality/Panchayat.