How to get fssai license? Where to apply for fssai license?

Before we discuss how to get fssai license, it is very important to understand what is fssai and who needs fssai license? Is fssai license mandatory? Why fssai license is required?

So, we start to discuss first what is fssai license?

First, we understand Fssai full form, Fssai means “The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India” It is established under food safety and standard act 2006, It has been created laying down science-based criteria for an article of food and also to control their manufacture, storage, supply, sale and import to guarantee access to safe and wholesome food for human consumptions.

The Fssai act, 2006 based on various central laws like prevention on food adulteration act, 1954, and fruit product order 1995, it also based on meat food product order, 1973, vegetable oil product 1947, edible oil packaging order 1988, solvent extracted oil 1967, milk and milk product order 1992 etc.

Who is the authority of Fssai?

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India is the authority and implementation of Fssai. Govt. of India already appointment a Chairperson and Chief Executive officer of Fssai.

Who needs fssai license?

Anybody who’s related to the food business, require Fssai license. Fssai Registration required for all food-related companies, business such as manufacturers, traders, restaurants, small eateries, grocery stores, importers, exporters, domestic food companies, dairy farms, processors, retailers, e-tailers. Any involved in the food industry must get Food license number.

Is Fssai license mandatory?

Yes, who beginning or currently run food-related business must have Fssai license. This registration number printed on food packages or displayed on-premises.

Why fssai license is required?

In this article, we discuss previous that the Fssai built for control of the food-related business that safe and consume food for human consumptions.

How to get fssai license? How to apply for fssai license?

You can get Fssai license online, many food-related consultant and expert they do for you, because if you don’t know how to apply online then they solved your problem.

We also serve this type of service online; our process is very simple.

Just fill the registration form

Pay the consultancy and license duration charges online.

Upload necessary documents, like passport size photograph, Govt. I.D. proof, Declaration form, and you get application reference no instantly.

See the details below in the picture.

1. Fill the Registration Form
Choose Desire License Duration and Consultancy Charges
Upload necessary documents

Where to get fssai license?

If you not familiar with the computer or you have not knowledge about how to fill online registration process then you go consultant expert to help you get Fssai license. Because if you don’t fill proper documents or submit incorrect documents then Fssai may reject your applications. Sometimes the food inspector can ask for some details about your business or you’re for clarity.

How many days to get fssai license?

Fssai license comes in to 3 variable, Basic fssai license, State fssai license and Central fssai license. Basic fssai license take 7 days, State and Central fssai license 30 days. If no query issued.

What is fssai Basic license?

Fssai license parameter comes in yearly turn over and production capacity. The fssai basic license criteria are who’s yearly turn over less 12 lakhs they apply for a basic food license.

What is fssai state license?

The fssai state license is who’s yearly turn over above 12 lakhs to up to 20 cr.

What is fssai Central license?

The fssai central license is who’s yearly turn over above 20 cr.

Can fssai license be transferred?

In the event of the death of the FSSAI license holder, the FSSAI license transferred into the authorized representative or any relative of the deceased holder.  The authorized representative or the family member must apply to the concerned Authority to move the permit in his/her favour.

In this article, we try to touch all related query about fssai license if miss something let me know?

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